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Customer Recommendations – residential and commercial electrical work

Want some further reassurance? Check out what some of our clients have to say.

And, of course, you can also look at our reviews on Checkatrade.

“Dr Sparky – what can I say? They’re very courteous – and courtesy goes a long way. They’re quick to act – very often the same day. They’re quick to come back, report a fault and diagnose the appropriate action.  There is no fuss, they collect the keys, carry out the job and then return the keys. It really is trouble free.

We trust their work, and they are very good.  I highly recommend them. And because they are quick and reliable it reflects positively on us, and helps us to win new business.”

“Dr Sparky have a very good relationship with all our tenants and landlords. We never have any complaints – and tenants are very quick to complain about contractors! The Dr Sparky team is always available, they are very polite and conscious of cost. They do a good job, and always deliver everything we ask of them.

Using a reputable contractor is a big selling point for us when winning new properties to manage – so we really appreciate the service they provide.”

“The Dr Sparky team are great to work with. I really like knowing that they will advise if they don’t think something is a good idea, and not just go ahead – I appreciate that honesty. They are very reliable, and clearly know their stuff. They have saved us money, and given us peace of mind, knowing our health and safety commitments are being covered off.

And of course, we know we are keeping our tenants happy too. Looking forward to working with them in the future.”

“Working with Dr Sparky certainly makes life easier for the lettings team. They free up our time because we know we can rely on them to deliver a good quality job. They respond quickly and keep us appraised of what’s happening.

In essence, they just get on and do it. Actually, they are everything we could want in an electrician.”

“We always look to appoint good reliable local contractors, and Dr Sparky certainly fit the bill. They add a layer of professionalism to our business, knowing not only are they competent, but they communicate well with everyone. They are very responsive, and deliver consistently good work. They are competitively priced too.

They take a lot of pressure off us in allocating jobs, knowing we have an electrical contractor who is reliable and efficient.”

“The Dr Sparky team are always brilliant. They are so polite and friendly – customer service is a really strong point for them. They are very honest and respond quickly when we have a problem. We have had significant problems in the past with lighting in our building, and it’s so nice to now have offices that are fully lit! It’s very reassuring knowing we have a reliable electrical contractor to call on when we need them.”

“As the owner of a small hotel it’s really important to me that electrical work is kept up to date. Working with Dr Sparky has made my life easier and saves me time. I know I don’t need to chase them – they turn up, they do the work, they tidy up and everything is done. I think of them as good organisers, and they always turn up on time.

They are great communicators. I like it that they explain what options are available, and they are reasonably priced. I’m very happy with the services they provide.”

“Dr Sparky come up with ideas to save us money, and make life easier – I really like that about them. They’ve done all sorts of work at the badminton courts like improved lighting and putting sensors on the court heaters – we’re very happy with them. They are really trustworthy – they have a key and just let themselves in to do the work. They respond quickly and I’m always pleased with the quality of their work. I’ve recommended them loads of times. They’ve even done work in my son’s and daughter’s houses.”

“When our previous supplier became unavailable to continue working for us, we were worried about employing someone unknown.  However Dr Sparky came to us on a recommendation and we needn’t have worried because they are completely trustworthy, reliable and efficient.

Besides undertaking all the routine electrical maintenance, we have also had occasion to call them out in emergency situations and they have always responded promptly and willingly.

They are very tidy workers and really nice guys to deal with, and a number of our parishioners have been comfortable with them working in their homes.  We are very happy with them.”

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