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How to prevent electrical fires

electrical fire

Worried about your house when you go on holiday?

Check out our quick and easy tips for preventing electrical fires

Summer is finally here which means the temperature is rising, the evenings are longer and for many of us, it’s that time of year where we jet off for a week or two for a much-needed holiday. Although nothing beats getting away from it all and relaxing with our loved ones, hard as we try, worrying about the house is something we all do. If this sounds familiar, read our handy guide below which explains how to protect your home from electrical fires when you’re not going to be there for a while.

Install a smoke alarm

Although a smoke alarm can’t prevent a fire, it certainly can limit the damage caused by one. You absolutely should already have a smoke alarm fitted in your home but if you don’t, make sure you get one now. Regardless of whether you’re tucked up in your bed at home or sunbathing on an exotic beach, a smoke alarm can save your home and more importantly, lives. Even if you’re not home to hear it going off, a neighbour or passer-by is bound to and they can alert the fire brigade. Before going off on your holidays also make sure you test the battery so you can ensure it’s in perfect working order.

Unplug everything electrical

Generally, it is safe to leave your electrics plugged in but if you’re going away for any period of time, it’s always safer to unplug them. If power surges occur while you are away, leaving your appliances connected will multiply the risk of fire exponentially. Believe it or not, unplugging all your electrics will also help to reduce your electricity bill.

Give your home an MOT
It’s well worth hiring a qualified electrician to check the electrics in your home to make sure it’s all functioning properly and more importantly, safely. This certainly isn’t a requirement every time you decide to go on holiday but if it has been a while or your home is very old, an electrical inspection can give you the peace of mind you need to ensure that you can relax on your holiday.

Clear up any outdoor mess

Once the inside of your house has been fire-proofed have a look outside for any potential fire hazards. Are there any bags of rubbish or piles of wood littered around? You just never know when a neighbour could light a bonfire or fireworks so make sure there is nothing that could fuel these potential fire hazards. Even grass clippings have been known to cause fires in very hot temperatures so if necessary, make sure you take a trip to the tip before you jet off.

Electrical hazards, fires and pets

It’s great if you have a friend or a neighbour who is happy to pop in and feed your pet while you are away but be aware that this does cause potential risks. Whilst we’re not suggesting that your pet will be lighting any candles while you’re away, some animals – especially cats (who are naturally inquisitive anyway) will try to find all sorts of new ways to entertain themselves while you’re not there. To be on the safe side, make sure that any lighters, matches, electrical wires and flammable liquids are safely hidden away.

If you need any more information about safeguarding your home or would like a qualified NICEIC electrician to test your electrics, please don’t hesitate to contact Doctor Sparky and we will be more than happy to help.

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