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Recessed downlights – LED or Halogen?

We are often asked about the best choices for recessed downlights – also known as recessed spotlights.

So, we thought we’d share some advice…

Recessed halogen spotlights:

Halogen lights have been around for some time now. They are usually low voltage, requiring a transformer, which adds to the cost and fitting time.

We see a lot of problems with halogen downlights:

  • The bulb needs replacing regularly – we’ve seen this happen on a weekly basis in some cases!
  • They don’t work, even after bulb replacement
  • High heat is generated from the bulb – causing damage to the wires, the transformer and the fitting. The heat has measured up to 300°C – that’s high enough to catch fire – so fire risk is a real issue
  • Halogen lights use a lot of energy, particularly if you have several on, making them an expensive option

Halogen lighting

Recessed LED downlights:

We always recommend LED lighting, and will only fit purpose built, factory made LED downlights.

LED recessed downlights

This is what we tell customers about LED spotlights:

  • Very low energy usage – an estimated 90% reduction in energy consumption, but LED maintains the same quality of light output of halogen
  • Bulbs (also known as lamps) rarely, if ever, need replacing
  • Because they run at a much cooler temperature – reducing the risk of damage to the light fitting and components
  • Colour choice – warm or cool white light
  • Bezel colour choice – this is the ring around the light – this can be easily changed. The standard colour is white, but for a very small outlay this can be changed brushed chrome
  • Standard fire rating – meaning should there be a fire, in the room above or below where fittings are installed, the fire integrity of the ceiling will be maintained for up to 90 minutes – as required under fire regulations
  • Significantly reduced risk of fire

If you would like to talk about installing LED downlights, pleased contact us on 01784 558 758.

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