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Commercial fixed wiring testing

There are a few reasons why you may require an Electrical Installation Condition Report of your commercial premises, sometimes called a fixed wiring test, or a 5 year test.

You may have been at your premises for a long time, and never had a check of the electrics carried out and want pice of mind.

Or, your insurance provider might have put it as a condition as part of your policy.

Perhaps you are moving to a new premises, in which case it is a great idea to have the electrical system properly tested, to make sure everything is safe and adequate for your business.

Whatever your reason, the initial cost of having the electrical system tested is a lot cheaper than the power going down and stopping you business from operating, or being sued by one of your employees following an electrical incident.

We have many years of experience in testing all sorts of electrical systems. We can also carry out the remedial works if required to get your premises to the required standard of electrical safety.

Beware using companies that just do testing, as very often they will just land you with a condemning report, and offer nothing in terms of solutions to get you certified. Meaning you have to start the whole process again with someone else.

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