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Central Heating and Hot Water – Wiring problems

Heating control electrics

If you have problems with your central heating or hot water, the chances are your default first step is to find a plumber.

Whilst that makes perfect sense, we could save you some money and fix your heating…

When should you speak to us?

  • If your central heating gets stuck in the on or off position – ie you can’t change it
  • When your hot water is constantly on, or never on
  • If your central heating or hot water has stopped working at all

Before calling a gas engineer or plumber, it’s worth us looking at the wiring…

And that’s because, very often, these problems are caused by an issue in the heating control wiring, or one of the electrical devices within the heating system.

Using our dedicated testing equipment, we can diagnose exactly what is causing the fault, and only replace the faulty part. This does away with random guessing – which leads to increased labour and part charges for you, without necessarily fixing your problem.

So, if this happens to you, give us a call on 01784 558 758, and let us help.

Why call Doctor Sparky?

  • NIC/EIC qualified and experienced electricians
  • 24 hour service to deal with any electrical emergency
  • No call out fee 
  • FREE estimates