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Electricity to your Garden Outbuilding



If you have an existing building in your Garden that requires power, or you are planning to have a new Log cabin, Summer house, Garage or even a Shed built in the near future and would like to have power and lighting within it, we can help.


There are many considerations to take into account when running an electrical supply to a building outside.            For example:


  • What is planned use of the building?
  • Possible routes for the electrical cable, and what size will it need to be?
  • Will the inside of the building left as bare brickwork or cladding? Or will it be insulated and boarded out? As this would change out approach to how we do the wiring inside the building.
  • What kind of lighting? Brighter for a workshop, or more mellow for a garden snug?



Our electricians have many years of experience with running power to Outbuildings, and can help design a system that will meet your requirements.

Feel free to contact us for a no obligation quotation or even just some friendly advice.


Why call Doctor Sparky?

  • NIC/EIC qualified and experienced electricians
  • 24 hour service to deal with any electrical emergency
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