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The Importance of Periodic Testing

Why you need to carry out periodic testing in your home

Periodic testing

Doctor Sparky is a NICEIC Approved contractor and can therefore carry out your periodic testing

We’re guessing you wouldn’t drive your car without a valid MOT. Particularly if you were transporting your family.

So why should the electrics in your home be any different?

As NICEIC approved contractors, we are permitted to conduct periodic inspection reports on any electrical installation, whether it be a house, an office or even an industrial warehouse.

So, why not get an MOT for your electrics? Because you never know what you may have inherited from the previous owner.

For a small cost you can help to avoid paying the ultimate price.

Why call Doctor Sparky?

  • NIC/EIC qualified and experienced electricians
  • 24 hour service to deal with any electrical emergency
  • No call out fee 
  • FREE estimates