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Lighting Tips to guarantee perfect make up every time

DS - Make up lightingConfused why you look great in one mirror and not the other? It’s all down to the lighting…

Are you sick of spending ages perfecting your look only to step out the house and realise your foundation is completely the wrong shade, you put on a lot more eyeshadow than you realised or that lipstick just really doesn’t suit you?

Do not fear, you haven’t landed on the wrong website…

This is Doctor Sparky, your local friendly NIC/EIC electricians, but today we want to help you clear up one of life’s little mysteries.. you know the one where you look great in one mirror but not in another?  It’s all to do with lighting!… Sssh this could be your secret weapon to looking fantastic anywhere!

We understand most ladies apply their make-up in the bathroom mirror so we have written these tips bearing that in mind.  However, if you do yours elsewhere, these tips can be applied to any part of the home.

  • The lighting above your bathroom mirror should be soft but not overly bright. White vanity bulbs arranged in a strip or lamps positioned behind any kind of diffusing agent such as glass, pendant globes, paper shades or decorative well sconces will not only allow you to apply your make-up in the best possible lighting but they also look great as well.
  • Opt for lights that have a high CRI or colour rendering index (80 plus). The higher the CRI, the better the light will render colours and allow you to closely match the make-up you’re using to your skin tone.
  • It can be tempting to install fluorescent lights into bathrooms that receive little or no natural light but if you use this room to apply your make-up then this is a big no-no. Fluorescent lighting is notoriously unflattering and it can be tempting to apply layer after layer until you’re happy with your look. As soon as you step out the house though, your make-up is going to look completely over-the-top and chances are you’ll spend the morning in the office bathroom trying to wash half of it off! Ensure the lighting above your bathroom mirror is as natural as possible because this will give you the most accurate indication of what you will look like once you get outside.
  • Don’t use lights that illuminate solely from overhead because this will create shadows in certain areas of the face, which is counter-productive to make-up application. Overhead lighting is great but if possible also have two lights on either side of your mirror, equally spaced. Lighting from all angles ensures no shadow is left untouched and you can feel assured you can step out the house feeling confident your make-up looks great.

We’re no experts in the field of make-up but we are when it comes to lighting. If your bathroom mirror is casting shadows or you can relate to the problems of looking good in one mirror and not in another then perhaps we can help?

We have supplied and installed a wide range of bathroom lighting – contact Doctor Sparky and speak to one of our fully-qualified electricians who will be more than happy to help.

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