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The Benefits of LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Your knowledge of lighting is probably fairly limited so when it comes to choosing the most suitable option for your home, office or rental property, it’s hardly surprising so many people are left completely baffled.

LED lighting has received a lot of publicity over recent years and has been recognised as the most power-saving and smart solution available on today’s market. What exactly are the benefits of LED lighting over the more traditional options available however? Below we uncover everything you need to know to help you make an informative decision.

Longer life

Possibly the biggest benefit of LED lighting is the outstanding operational life expectation which can reach up to 100,000 hours. This is a staggering 11 years of continuous operation. Alternatively, if you left your LED fixture on for eight hours every single day, it would keep going for around 20 years before you have to replace it. As well as saving the hassle of making the replacement, this also makes LED lighting incredibly cost-effective.

Energy efficient

These days, everyone wants to know how they can make their home or office as energy efficient as possible. The great news is that LEDs are a low-energy efficiency light source and continue to improve in performance year on year. They use significantly less energy than traditional light bulbs because they create significantly less heat. Traditional bulbs can lose up to 90% of their power creating wasted heat which uses more energy and increases electricity bills.

Environmentally friendly

Those who want to do their bit for the world will be thrilled to hear that unlike conventional fluorescent light bulbs, LED lights are free from the toxic chemicals that are dangerous for the environment. Even better, they are 100% recyclable which means that you can help to reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third.

Incredibly durable

LEDs are great for commercial use because they are incredibly durable. Built with sturdy components that are highly rugged, they can withstand even the roughest conditions. This makes them resistant to shock, vibrations and external impacts which means they make excellent outdoor lighting systems and work great on construction and manufacturing sites.

Design flexibility

LEDs can be combined in any shape to produce highly efficient illumination. Well designed systems can achieve brilliant lighting effects and are already being used in aeroplanes and classrooms and are expected to feature a lot more in our daily lives over the next few years.

Instant lighting

LED lights brighten immediately which is hugely advantageous for infrastructure projects such as traffic and signal lights. Furthermore, they can be switched on and off as frequently as you like and this will not affect its lifeline or light emission. This is a contrast to more traditional forms of lighting which can take several seconds to achieve full brightness and suffer from reduced life expectancy when constantly turned on and off.

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